Before / After Care


Before School Care Supervision

Students may enter the building beginning at 8:00 am provided that at least one faculty member on ‘Arrival Duty’ is present in the lobby.  ELC-Pre-K arriving by bus are escorted to the library and follow the procedures for Early Arrival.  All other students must remain in the lobby until 8:15 am.  

Students in ELC-K must be accompanied by and remain with their parent/guardian during this time. Students in K-8 are supervised by the faculty member(s) on duty.  

At 8:15 am all students proceed to their homerooms, as noted above for ‘On-Time Arrival.’

Students who are registered for Before School Supervision or for the School Bus are admitted into the building by school staff as they arrive.  They proceed to the library where a faculty member supervises them.  

At 8:00 am, K-8 students adjourn to the lobby and follow procedures for 8:00 am–8:15 am arrival. ELC-Pre-K students remain in the library until 8:15 am, at which time a faculty member escorts them to their homerooms.

Students who consistently do not abide by the General Rules and Code of Behavior as mentioned in the Student Handbook may be barred from Before School Supervision. 


After School Care Supervision

Nursery, Pre-K, and K students who are not picked up by 3:35pm and students in grades 1-8 who are not picked up by 3:45pm automatically go to the After School Supervision room.

Students participating in After School Programs who are not picked up by 4:30pm will also go automatically to the After School Supervision room.  Hourly charges will be applied beginning at 3:45pm.